Janelle's Burger Belly
Hello! I'm Janelle's Belly!

I basically control what food Janelle likes and eats. Her rational side stops where I start. I'm sort of like a heart, except I'm a belly, and instead of making her fall in love, I just make her fat.

Janelle lives in Southern California, but I like to call it my personal heaven. There are an abundance of shitty Mexican places called _______ertos, food trucks and craft beer at every event, organic produce at the 99 cent store, gourmet burgers right down the street from the sketchiest Chinese food, and Del Taco, Del Taco, Del Taco, DEL TACO!!! (Seriously though, check out the Del Taco tag.)

Follow me as I blog about my day-to-day life as Janelle's Belly.

Eat Local

Ginzaya (La Mirada)
Johnny's Burritos (Brawley)
Kimmie's Coffee Cup (Fullerton)
Mexi Casa (Anaheim)
Orange Roll & Sushi (Fullerton)
Palapa Grill (Downtown Fullerton)
Rigoberto's* (Fullerton)
*just for their carne asada fries

Drink Local:

Bootlegger's Brewery (Fullerton)


Fast Food
Food Trucks
Mexican Food